Get the maximum output from your current operations

You need this package if…

  • You need to free up more of your time
  • You are looking to increase your profitability by increasing the efficiency of your business operations
  • You are ready to fine-tune your processes and clarify roles as you delegate and automate
  • You need more timely and informative project status information 
  • You don’t have the expertise on your team to do process work

What results you’ll get:

  • Everybody (you, your clients, and your team) will know what’s going on and what’s next
  • Optimized utilization of your team and your apps
  • Free up capacity for more clients
  • Increased consistency in process execution and smoother workflow
  • More accurate estimations from more consistent processes and measurements
  • Improved content and usage of process documentation
  • Reduction in manual and “admin” tasks

Tangible Deliverables:

  • Process Assessment Report & Roadmap
  • Detailed Process Blueprint which addresses the gaps and recommendations in the Process Assessment Report (from the Foundation )
  • Optimized usage and integration of process tools
  • Comprehensive Inventory of forms & templates
  • Roles & Responsibilities documentation which reflects the streamlined processes

Your investment:

Duration: 6 – 12 months 
        (Note: This is a customized program and the duration will be based on the scope of work
                     identified in the Process Assessment Report & Roadmap.)

Energy: Private work sessions with “homework” in between sessions

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